For homeowners and commercial properties in Evanston, Wilmette, Winnetka, Skokie and Morton Grove we offer a variety of landscape maintenance services ranging from weekly maintenance programs to annual hardscape cleaning and sealing. The services we provide to maintain the health of your landscape include:

Spring and autumn flower planting
Lawn care of residential and commercial properties
Plant bed care and mulching
Lawn renovation and aeration
Tree, shrub and groundcover pruning
Insect and disease control
Winter preparation
Snow removal

Our maintenance staff are capable, professional lawn care workers who have the knowledge and tools to keep your landscape in the best possible condition. We know you take pride in your home and we make it our business to maintain it like our own. In the section below we included some finer details on our maintenance services to answer some frequently asked questions.

Many of our clients choose to enroll in our maintenance program and enjoy a fixed monthly rate over a nine month billing period for the basic landscape services.

Thorough cleanup of all plant beds, cultivation, cut & edge, removal of leaves and/or plant debris. We are happy to pay special attention to specific areas upon request.

We install MINERAL SOD, never PEAT SOD. MINERAL SOD is a blend of elite varieties of Kentucky Bluegrass grown in rich clay loam soil. It is disease resistant and tolerant of 60% shade. Our price includes removal of existing turf, delivery & installation and rolling of new sod. We may recommend adding soil to fill low spots or to amend soil.

Machine removes soil plugs from lawn to improve oxygenation, water and nutrient absorption of compacted and/or drought stressed lawns. We have had outstanding results performing this process once in spring and then again in the fall.
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