Landscape design projects are much less daunting when you approach a project with a general idea of how much you would like to invest in the short term and the long term. To take a little bit of the mystery out of the equation, here are some reasonable numbers based on our experience with landscape projects around Chicago’s north shore for a moderate sized home. Please keep in mind that the size of your house will determine the quantity of plants necessary to create an appealing, balanced look.

Basic Front Yard Planting: Starting at $3,000
May include site prep, shrub removal, 5-7+ evergreen shrubs like Boxwood, planting mix and mulch.

Standard Front Yard Planting: Starting at $4,500+
May include site prep, shrub removal, 5-7 evergreen shrubs like boxwood, small ornamental tree, perennial flowers, planting mix, mulch

Abbey Signature Front Yard Planting: Starting at $6,000
May include site prep, shrub and small tree removal, planting of 5-7 evergreen shrubs like boxwood, 3-5 flowering shrubs, perennial flowers, limestone outcropping, planting mix and mulch

Small Space Plantings & Projects: $1,500
We frequently are contacted regarding smaller scale projects that target a very specific area of an outdoor space.

Sod Installation/Restoration: Starting at $15/square yard + top soil for leveling and site prep
Depending on the condition of your existing sod will determine what is necessary. If there is a significant weed problem, that must be taken care of before we install new sod. We will also assess and discuss grading issues that may be present to manage water problems you may be experiencing. All of these factors will play a role in determining the final estimate.


For paved driveways, walkways, patios, porch wraps we use Unilock products. We also offer natural stone options for seat walls, patios and walkways. The price of your project will vary significantly based on the materials you choose.

Unilock Patio, Driveway, Walkways: $16.75/s.f. – $36.50/s.f. + site prep
The long-term performance of your project is determined by the quality of the work that’s done to prepare the base below your pavers and walls. As an authorized Unilock contractor we guarantee installation and product excellence. For a small patio, $3500 would be a healthy budget for a basic paver. We do offer bluestone and flagstone patios, which are more in the $30/s.f. range.

Seat Walls: $2,500+
We build our 18″ natural stone seat walls on a solid concrete base at the appropriate depth required.

Abbey Custom Firepit: $3,500+


There are many variables in your hardscape and landscape choices, which is why knowing your budget at the initial meeting you schedule with us is extremely important. Your budget along with your functional and aesthetic goals will help determine what is possible.

Based on our research, you may potentially increase the value of your home 5-15% by upgrading your landscape from poor to good. Obviously, “good” is a bit arbitrary, but something to keep in mind as you plan for your future. Investing 5-10% of the value of your home into your landscape is a guideline for many homeowners to determine how and where to invest in their front yard and backyard landscapes. Of course, if this is your forever home – we encourage you to do what makes you HAPPY and fulfills your desires for outdoor living.

We offer courtesy consultations and ballpark estimates. Itemized proposals, which include a drawing based on your plat of survey are billed at $250 per view (ie. Your front yard is one view).


We offer regular weekly landscape maintenance services. Pricing is determined by various factors including the size of your property. We are happy to evaluate your property and give you a quote if you send us your address and contact information.

For a basic cut and edge, light weeding and cultivation of 50% of your planting beds each week pricing starts at $75/visit for an average residential home. This price does not include: fall clean-ups/leaf collection and disposal, spring clean-ups and other maintenance services like core aeration and fertilizer.


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